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Weapon: earths heart (sledge hammer)

- Spike wall: improves magic defense to allies
- Boom: explotes an obstacle (the bigger the more damages it causes)
- Avalanche: deals damage on a 9x9 area in front of you, pushing enemies away
- Monolith: creates an obstacle, witch pasively increces allies attack damage
- Force trow: picks an obstacle near you and trows it to a target area, destroying it and dealing damage
- Meteor: smashes the ground with a 9x9 boulder, pushing enemies away and creating an obstacle (only 1 at the time)


Rolando Borghini
Current Residence: Mdeo, Uruguay
Favourite genre of music: soundtracks
Personal Quote: do you belive in something?
* if you're there, imaginary friends, listen up!, i just got an entry to put one of my guys as an indi videogame character, is kinda like lol only with bosses and better minions and all kinds of fun things besides the "call your allies noobs all the freaking time" we all suffered in lol, lol. Anyway, i need you to take a look, it looks pretty fun, the story is ok but they did sold the gameplay verry well

* Here you can see the rest of the characters, they look pretty good

* Here is where you can vote for me :p

* And this is the picture of my char, i bet i shown her to you a million times and still asked you "hey, have i shown you Margarita?", so sorry, but i'm not sorry, i love her

Anyway, here's the real entry, i hope you like it

* Story

She used to be the studient or a powerfull biological researcher named "Molitor", until she founded put he was doing experiemnts on one of hes studients... her... after using a verry special kind of lobotomy, Molitor made her able to manipulate her own emotions at will, meaning she was unabled to feel emotions outside from her own mind... she escaped, and that smile, that horrible dead smile was stiched in her face forever... eventualy, she realised she could use her positive energy to manipulate plants, she also used her knowlege about biology to create "Eden", a powerfull plant monster that lives in her coat. Now, she has only one purpose, to became strong enough to take down her teacher... he made her powerfull... he made her a machine without the ability to love... what was he going to do if he wasn't stoped soon enough by the most painfull and unhuman way posible?...

* Skills 

- (pasive) Botanic army: Any minuion near her gets bonus atack damage; also, if she doesn't move for 5 seconds, all her coldowns refreshes (her ultimate doesn't have CD)

- Natural weapon: pasivily increces the attack damage; you can activate this efect to excange the melee weapon for a distance weapon with half the bonus, or return to your original melee atack (no cost, but it does have CD)

- Pheromones: Pasivily increces verry nearby allies atack damage, AP and movement speed, you can activate this to increce the range for some time and blind enemies (increces all the bonuses with atack damage)

- Wood shield: creates a shield that absorbs damage for 5 seconds on her or an ally, if the shield is not destroied, it will heal the user for tha amount of shield that it has (damage absorbed increces with atack damage)

- Greenhouse effect (Ultimate): Creates an area around her, witch increces health regeneration of allies and poisons enemies, however Margarita is unabled to move while this power is on, and drains her mana for each character affected (increces poison damage and health regeneration with atack damage)


She's mainly a support character, but with attack damage, so she can defend herself well agains other supports
Her ultimate lets her still attack, so make sure to use "natural weapon" at the right time
She never lets her party fall, stay near minions to maximize efficiency of her skills
  • Listening to: Doom and metroid soundtracks
  • Watching: my terrible future
  • Playing: Don't starve
  • Drinking: everything but alcohol


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RoloX Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2015
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